Sanitation Commissioner’s son ducks his sanitation job


The News says they’ve obtained personnel records showing that John Doherty Jr., son of Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty, has been cited 12 times and had 128 hours of wages docked for unapproved absences from the job. The citations resulted from Doherty failing to document an emergency within 48 hours of calling in an absence requesting emergency leave. One of the “emergencies:” he “lost track of time.” In four cases, he didn’t call at all.

A spokesman for the Sanitation Department distanced the elder Doherty from his son’s work issues by pointing out that disciplinary action is discretionary, and under the control of one of the Commissioner’s subordinates, First Deputy Commissioner Michael Bimonte. In 2006, Bimonte gave Doherty Jr. special permission to run a landscaping company on the side.

The News cites a Staten Island Advance story reporting that Doherty Jr. was cited in 2007 for criminal possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana after a traffic stop when police reportedly saw him throwing beer cans out of his moving car. Court officials have apparently lost track of the paperwork.

Doherty, a Staten Island native, worked his way up from a Sanitation Engineer job to become the 40th Commissioner under Giuliani and the 42d under Bloomberg.