Crazy Yankee Chick: A Quick Note on How To Work Around Yankee Stadium Ticket Prices


There are more NHL fans in Saudi Arabia than there are people in NYC who can afford Yankee Stadium ticket prices. And it’s a shame, because it’s really a site to behold. Very..cavernous.

Say what you will about the site lines, but the place is a monument to magnificence. And this is coming from someone who was so attached to the old stadium that she didn’t eat for a month so she could afford one of the seats, and who wears a piece of a seat around her neck at all times.

That said, there are ways to work around this economical drawback.

1.)Today the Yankee game is being played at Yankee Stadium (the broadcast, not the game itself, which is going down in sunny SoCal.)

I would give my ears and eyeballs to escape the office to do this. I have an unhealthy obsession with the Jumbotron.

In fact, the first time I ever went to Yankee Stadium, my buddy and I decided that sitting in the middle of center field playing Mario Kart on the gargantuan plasma in center field would probably be the official “If the World Was to End Tomorrow, the #1 Way We’d Want to Spend Our Last Day on Earth” experience.

I can’t tell if this speaks more to our laziness, glaring immaturity, obsession with big, shiny technology, or our innate desire to actually experience what it’s like to be on the stadium field. I think there’s also a little bit of the intrigue in the cognitive dissonance of being IN a baseball stadium but for non-baseball reasons. Kind of like using a conference room at the office late at night when everyone’s already gone home… to play poker, or something.

2.) The other option to make it into the stadium without putting a dent in your children’s tuition fund is a “for a good cause” endeavor: The Damon Runyon 5K at Yankee Stadium, Run/Walk for Cancer Research on November 15.

I heard about this event at GNH* and the paragraph under “Event Details” had me hooked.


Participants will run or walk the stadium’s concourses and ramps, climb stairs between levels, and finish with a lap around the warning track that encircles the playing field.


Seriously?? I had to reread the press release on it like 15 times to see if I was misunderstanding things, but oh no. It’s real.

Ok, I admit the only running I do is to catch a bus (as if another one won’t follow in less than 3 minutes, but whatever). HOWEVAH, the prospect of getting to play in Yankee Stadium and run around on the warning track? Or even better, the prospect of running within the concourses and ramps without the high traffic mess of toddlers clogging up the stadium channels??

(Ha, I wonder if kids see me the way I see them outside of the GNH. Like when I’m walking down a street and then I see 3 kids under the age of 10 come barrelling down full speed, screaming, with approximately zero intention of stopping or at least running AROUND me, leaving me with little options beyond stepping aside and then glaring menacingly at their parents oblivious to this chaos. Similarly, when I’m racing back to my seat at a baseball game after getting a hot dog, I wonder if kids are thinking the same exact thing about me.)

Anyways, my bum knee is better suited for the video games in center field, aka I’m still technically in ACL rehab if only in spirit, but I’m going to see if I can get some people together to go watch this from the bleachers.

But you are in any way one of those people I always see who do running and exercise and the gym etc, then how do you pass on this? (Well, unless you’re a GNH-hater, in which case, you have much bigger issues to tend to.)

More details here.

3.) There’s also Stadium Tours, but you gotta wait til after the postseason to do this.

Since I’m not even entertaining the possibility of an early season exit, I’m not going to think about this until it’s upon me. But just throwing that out there, since tickets tend to evaporate quickly…

*Greatness’s New Home.