Mac ‘n’ Cheese Revolution; Beef Tongues Recalled


Mac ‘n’ cheese is the new hipster food around New York and Los Angeles, and has even spawned a couple mac-‘n’-cheese boutiques: S’MAC in the East Village and its newish rival, Macbar in Soho.
[Wall Street Journal]

Restaurateurs who once kept close tabs on Frank Bruni will be doing the same with Sam Sifton. Bruni’s identity was often betrayed by his dinner companions or sneakers. Sifton’s photo has already been widely circulated. Will he be able to remain anonymous?

A meat plant in Milwaukee is voluntarily recalling over 5,500 pounds of beef tongues because the tonsils may not have been completely removed. While there’s no indication the meat was infected, tonsils have an increased chance of carrying mad cow disease.
[Chicago Tribune]

The Times talks to Ruth Reichl about the closing of Gourmet and her new show, Gourmet’s Adventures With Ruth. Quoth the editrix: “I wouldn’t in a million years have imagined this,” about the announcement.
[NY Times]

The Daily News is launching three blogs this week. Full Plate will be a “Carrie Bradshaw-cum-June Cleaver” style diary, Mothership Meals will chronicle what a Park Slope mom eats with her kids, while The Wine Explorer will focus on what to drink.
[NY Daily News]