Mo’Nique Holds Out For The Cash


Mo’Nique turns out to have a plus-sized talent as an actress in the ghetto-fabulous Precious, and as you know, there’s been Oscar buzz on her performance for months now.

But the word is that she’s so caught up in demanding money for appearances to care much about her self promotion as a rising film star.

She didn’t show up for the New York Film Festival screening of the film, which is weird, seeing as everyone else did! She didn’t show up for Cannes or Toronto either!

And her publicist got so tired of Mo’Nique’s demands that she quit, wanting way less of Mo’.

Clearly, mercenary Mo’Nique fails to see that the Oscar could up her price and therefore all whoring to get it would eventually pay off.

But I’ll give her this much:

*She did do the movie, which was a low-budget labor of love.

*She did appear on Oprah to promote it.

*And one journalist friend of mine recently got a call from a publicist asking if he might want to try and set up an interview with her. I hope they don’t charge him!