The Early Word: Mark’s Sliders


Maybe the recession is slowly on its way out, but the great regression continues: Spiked milkshakes, tater tots, macaroni and cheese, and fried chicken are apparently all anyone wants to eat. Mark, a new milkshake-pie-fries-sliders place on St. Mark’s place, opened last week and is obviously angling for that comfort food sweet spot. The menu is short, listing sliders with cheese and onions–bacon optional–pecan pie, fries, and milkshakes, including one made with Guinness. The sliders are the junky sort–a thin patty of slightly dry but robustly flavored beef augmented with burnt onions and goopy American cheese, piled on a very squishy bun. At $2 each, the mini-burgers are worth a try if you happen to be walking by and need comforting. The whole place smells like pecan pie.

33 St. Mark’s Place