Written in Snacks: A Couple of Loosely Related Happenings


Apparently, putting your message where your mouth is is the best new way to get it across. (And that doesn’t just go for eulogizing the celebrities lost over the past year.) The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a group called Cupcakes for Life has inscribed slogans like “Thou Shalt Not Murder” in icing across the tops of innocent-looking cupcakes. The organization’s website even featured an instructional video (which has since been taken down) on how to make the pastel-colored desserts for children using Betty Crocker cupcake mix.

In loosely related news, The Guardian found another entity scrawling its message across an edible surface. Kellogg’s announced via Twitter that: “Now you’ll always be able to tell your Corn Flakes from your corn fakes!” in reference to new laser technology that may allow the company to engrave its logo onto each individual Flake. The technology to toast a logo onto food exists, and the company is investigating the possibility of using it on its cereal.