Metal columnist Brandon Stosuy has been wrangling some unique metal shows as of late, dragging some very exclusive sulk-‘n’-shred into Public Assembly’s dungeon-like back room. He’s topped himself this time, collaborating with Prurient’s Dominick Fernow to bring French black-metal band Celestia, who are not only playing their first American show in the band’s 14-year history, but pretty much their only American show, as their “tour” currently has one date. Celestia’s decidedly Euro two-man churn is far more amorous than brutal: a mix of heartworn chug, 4AD-styled Cocteau Twinge, ghostly moans, and tenderly plucked acoustic guitars straight from the dewy brush and suffocating mists of the shire. The two openers play it all a little more disgusting. The Bay Area’s Bone Awl—who also rarely show up in New York—are famed for dragging a blood-soaked corpse across the line between American black metal and American art-noise, sounding similar to a cassette-damaged amorphous blob, like Darkthrone produced by Wolf Eyes. Locals Agrath have a more traditional corpse-painted misanthropic growl-and-grind for all you purists.

Sun., Oct. 25, 8 p.m., 2009