David Chang: A Lesson in How to Piss Off San Francisco


Some people can be so sensitive. Following a statement made by Momofuku‘s David Chang at the New York City Wine & Food Festival last weekend, Mouthing Off reports that San Francisco has canceled a signing of the chef’s upcoming cookbook. “Every restaurant in San Francisco is serving figs on a plate with nothing on it,” said Chang. And that was all it took to piss off the entire city. Or at least some of chefs participating in the event. While Chang’s unabashed egotism is getting to be slightly less charming than, say, Anthony Bourdain’s, it’s difficult to feel any sympathy for the slighted San Franciscans — what with all their relentless bragging about fresh produce. We’ll keep our shit-talking chefs and their ridiculous hundred-dollar fried-chicken reservations, thank you very much.