Lawsuit, Hot Dog Stories in the News Fail to Fill Us With Racial Outrage


The Daily News has brought us a pair of racially charged stories that fail utterly to fill us with righteous indignation, for some reason.

Yesterday brought us the tale of urban novelist Teri Woods’ botched opening party at the Soho club Greenhouse, which was ruined when the bouncer allegedly wouldn’t let in any guests who were black or fat.

Woods and her guests are suing Greenhouse for the tidy sum of one billion dollars. The lawsuit names about 100 guests as being kept out, meaning that if they win the full billion and split it evenly, each person would get $10 million. (By comparison, the average pay out to each family from the September 11th Victims Compensation Fund was $1.8 million per dead relative).

Today, the News brings us the equally bizarre story of the “Hot Dog Homicide” (3), which began with a race fight in the 60s and ended with a seizure-and-raw-hot-dog induced death over four decades later. Jimmy Crawford was engaging in his common and “safe” practice of eating a cold hot dog this past summer, when he had a seizure, choked on it and died. But a medical examiner has ruled that the seizure was the result of a beating Crawford took in 1965, after trading racial slurs with a car full of black men. According to his uncle, “one of the guys came up behind him and gave him a crack in the head with a jack handle. They jumped back in the car and got away.” Forty-four years later, the medical examiner has ruled the death a homicide.

If you want to have your faith restored that the election of Barack Obama folded New York City into a color-blind, post-racial America, try reading the comments sections of either of these articles.