Of Goodie Goodie Surprises and Goodie Mob



No idea how we’re supposed to take the above, although you can be sure it pertains to Nah Right’s CMJ Showcase tomorrow night, featuring more rap in one shot (OJ!) than the festival has otherwise seen in years. Don’t bet on the actual reunited Atlanta rap legends Goodie Mob–they’re in Texas tonight, in the midst of a tour that lands in New York on November 13th. Scarface is opening; you know you carry serious weight when you can get that guy out of the house and on the road for you. The show, originally announced for Hammerstein, will actually take place at B.B. Kings. Slick Rick is also on the bill, if your nostalgia tends toward earlier eras. As for tomorrow, who knows. Although looking a little closer at the tour dates, we can’t help but notice Goodie Mob do have tomorrow night off…