Poll: Paterson Still Way Down; Voters Like Giuliani, Suggest He Run for Nothing


A new Siena poll reveals Governor Paterson down a few points with a 27 percent approval rating, but a point up in performance, bringing him to 19 percent. (One percent of respondents rate Paterson’s performance “excellent.”) Paterson loses to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo 70-20 percent in a prospective match-up, and to Giuliani 56-33 percent. (He still beats Rick Lazio, though barely.) And despite his recent cuts, 75 percent do not have faith that he will cut the state budget deficit without raising taxes…

Giuliani’s favorable rating bounced four points to 60 percent, though the poll was taken before he started mouthing off this weekend. Offered three alternative Giuliani fantasies, 32 percernt of respondents want him to run for Governor, 21 percent for Senator, and 43 for neither. “Don’t Know” continues to be Kirsten Gillibrand’s strongest favorability category — 46 percent — but that’s down from her January high of 56 percent. Unfortunately most of those lost duhs seem to have gone to her unfavorable rating, up from 14 to 26 percent in the same period. Giuliani beats her, too, in a fantasy election, as does George Pataki.

You will be unsurprised to learn that when it comes to closing the state budget deficit, respondents do not like taxes nor cutting spending on “education,” but 32 percent like cutting spending on “local government.” Siena did not ask which local government respondents would like cut.