Looking for a cheap escape from the chill of the fall air? Cozy up to P.S.1’s annual Fall Opening Celebration, where the art laboratory is showing off its two newest experiments in contemporary art. First, “1969” is a large-scale exhibition of works from that momentous year, pulled from every department at the MOMA, as well as work by five contemporary artists (including fun-loving collective the Bruce High Quality Foundation) who address similar themes of revolution and turmoil in their pieces. The second exhibition, “Between Spaces,” gives artists the chance to transform the mundane—plywood, metal grating, Venetian blinds—into something bizarre, while exploring nostalgia and material attachment. And if, for some reason, all that art gets you overheated, head out to the courtyard for the penultimate day of Afterparty, the curious hut-like structure with chimneys that create a cool breeze.

Sun., Oct. 25, noon, 2009