Staten Island’s McMahon Latest Dem to Endorse Bloomberg; Calls Him “Our Mr. October”


Previously Brooklyn Beep Marty Markowitz, both former council speaker Peter Vallone Sr. and current councilman Peter Vallone Jr., and former Mayor Ed Koch had endorsed Mayor Bloomberg for reelection, and now Staten Island Democratic Representative Michael McMahon has joined them. McMahon is “impressed by his leadership and dedication to promoting New York City,” etc, and believes “Mayor Bloomberg is the best candidate to ensure that New York City continues to be America’s most prosperous, safest and economically successful large city.”

McMahon also compared Bloomberg to Reggie Jackson (or, if you believe Allen Barra, A-Rod)…

“Mayor Bloomberg is our Mr. October,” said the Congressman. “he’s the guy that we want in the lineup, batting for all New Yorkers… Changing mayors right now would be like in 1977, if the Yankees in October had traded Reggie Jackson.”

The borough Democratic Party chairman is unhappy about it, but Bloomberg thinks McMahon has nothing to worry about. “Some people will criticize you for this,” he told McMahon, “but I know that it won’t be the voters of Staten Island.” McMahon gained the usually Republican seat last year in a hilarious election after its previous occupant, Vito Fossella, got nailed for drunk driving and an extramarital affair and resigned.