Sweetie Makes a Movie!


Drag star Sweetie has long brought perfect lipsynch, winning shimmies, and talon-sharp wit to bars that should pay her double. And now she’s the focus of a documentary called Charmed Life, which is playing the NY International Independent Film and Video Festival. (October 22-29th.)

To celebrate this event–and because Sweetie’s publicist told me they missed the deadline for REAL magazines– I asked for some funny and/or revealing quotes from Sweetie. They sent me some that she gave to a REAL magazine, Gaydar, ba dum pum. Here goes:

Q: Do you remember your first drag performance?

Sweetie: I performed at NYC’s legendary Pyramid Club in the East Village in 1991. I had been mugged the week before and made my drag debut with 75 stitches in my face. I performed with another queen named Faux Pas and I literally did cartwheels in heels and we finished the performance by setting off fireworks inside the club. It was an amazing night in my life.

Q: What would you say is the biggest misconception of drag performers?

Sweetie: That we are all tops!!!! LOL. Actually, that we are “ON” 24/7. That we wake up breathing fire and spitting sequins. For the most part, we are really ordinary guys who thru the magic of drag get to lead extraordinary lives.

Q: Any significant others in your life?

Sweetie: Funny you should ask. This “Big Titted Honky Soul Momma” has been spending a lot of time with a new fella. An actor who is not spooked if I am “Donny” or “Marie”. Quite honestly it began as a booty call, but we just kind of clicked in all the right ways. That’s hard to find up here in NYC. Boys love to hoot and holler and throw tips at you, but at the end of the night, not many are willing to meet who’s actually living underneath the wig. I’m taking it slow because he seems like one who could be a keeper!