White House Says ARRA Saved 4,000 Education Jobs in City; Post Reveals Fraud — It Saved More


The White House claims, based on findings in advance of an expected October 30 reports, that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is “Saving and Hiring 250,000 Teachers” — referring both to new jobs and jobs that would have gone away otherwise. The Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, Melody Barnes, further claims that ARRA has “been able to save about 4,000 [education] jobs in New York City.”

This is speculative, which fuels Obama’s opposition. “Considering that the federal stimulus was $787 billion,” says Robert A. George, “the quarter-million ‘created or saved’ education jobs (spread over 50 states) is pretty thin gruel.” He also disputes the possibility of identity of “saved” jobs.

The most novel complaint in the bunch, though, is that of the New York Post‘s Charles Hurt, who reveals the Administration’s stunning secret: It actually rescued more jobs than its flacks claimed! “The White House report understates the number of teaching jobs saved in New York City by 10,000, red-faced officials admitted yesterday,” he says, per the city’s own Education Department spokeswoman, Ann Forte. Hurt also got federal education officials to admit that “The 4,000 figure is off.”

“The White House should go back to school,” sniffs Hurt. When the people hear the truth, Obama is clearly finished. Photo (cc) woodleywonderworks.