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Best 24-Hour Pool Hall


Why do some of the best things in the city often involve the possibility of dying on a sketchy elevator ride? Tucked away on the 12th floor of a nondescript Koreatown building, Space Billiards is your prize for braving such an elevator (do you feel it tilting to the side?). Here is a clean, comfortable pool hall that’s rarely crowded and well-priced ($17 per hour, $20 per hour if you have more than four people in your party). And because this is Koreatown, cups of free sweet tea are brought to your table (beer and wine are also for sale) that go great with the Korean specialty snacks for purchase (hot roasted squid in a bag, anyone?). Open 24 hours a day, Space Billiards has 14 immaculate tables to play on—though you’ll notice that not all of them have pockets. These pocketless tables are for Korean-style Four-Ball—a game you might quickly become a convert of after a quick lesson from the helpful staff. The back door to the fire escape is left open for smokers, but everyone should take the fire escape stairs up one flight to the roof for an incredible view of the Empire State Building. Comfort bonus: Crocs are available to borrow at every table. Though we’ve yet to see anyone don a pair, they probably feel amazing if you’re still there at 4 a.m.