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Best Biker Chic


If you’re planning to take a road trip (maybe of the “funemployed” variety, perhaps?), Smith + Butler in Carroll Gardens has you covered, from rugged-looking plaid flannels and vintage jeans down to your mode of transportation. Yes, this incredible boutique actually sells vintage motorcycles—that really work!—and proudly displays them throughout the shop. Last time we visited, there was a powder-blue Vespa (also being used to hang adorable bookbags on), a 1974 Condor 350 with a Ducati engine ($4,300), and a 1970 Suzuki 500 ($2,200). Owned by Marylynn Piotrowski—who is also the co-owner of the Hamptons store Tauk—the shop has a rustic, gritty feel with raw, unfinished walls and floors and beat-up antique wooden furniture (which is also for sale). Though the store specializes in stylish workwear for women and men, like hunting gear by Pointer and waterproof jackets by Belstaff (Che Guevara apparently wore a Belstaff jacket on his famous motorcycle journey), there are also daintier items including A.P.C. perfumes, Voga scented candles, chic dresses, and pretty journals—so you can jot down all your adventures, naturally.