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Best Bikini Waxer


Think of the most uncomfortable, invasive, embarrassing physical process imaginable. Now, if you’re a man, you’ve only picked a runner-up—as any woman will tell you, bikini waxing wins hands-down. Add to it the mild indignity of paying upward of $50 monthly for this service, and the entire experience feels downright sadistic. Fortunately for our feminine mystique, the posh Acqua Beauty Bar keeps waxing services in the $20 to $40 range and employs Lee, an effusively chipper specialist with rapid-fire hands and a nonstop stream of distracting banter. Efficient and knowledgeable, she adjusts waxes to skin types and offers dermatological tips with every rip (hey, that rhymes! But sometimes she does, too). Truly, she is the fastest waxer this side of Rio, and that’s a big deal when you’re going for less.