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Getting into comics—a/k/a graphic novels, a/k/a “Don’t call them ‘graphic novels,’ you sound like a douchebag”—is daunting for newcomers: so much to absorb, so many stigmas and clichés to roll your eyes at, so many X-Men titles to choose from. Brooklyn’s Rocketship, on Smith Street in Cobble Hill, tends toward the lit-scene-approved side of things: You’re more likely to find a book-length epic, like Charles Burns’s Black Hole, than the latest dalliances of Spider-Man. But for those whose experience doesn’t extend much beyond Watchmen, the impeccably neat, thoughtfully organized spot is a good place to expand your horizons without feeling overwhelmed or judged. Plus their constant slate of special guests and events is top-notch: Any friend of the guy who does Achewood (, go now) is a friend of ours. Consider this a clean, well-lit place for books with pictures. 208 Smith Street, Brooklyn, 718-797-1348,