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You’re not doing yourself any favors by letting last season’s 3.1 Philip Lim dress molder in your closet. But selling designer duds in New York is a frustrating process: The Upper East Side charity closets are fussy and overpriced, and the Williamsburg warehouses are snobby and fickle (and they’ll mock your haircut). The East Village’s cute, chic boutiques are the answer, and none have a better and more reasonably priced selection than Tokyo Joe. The shop buys and sells hip marquee names—such as Lim, Marc Jacobs, and Diane Von Furstenberg—in like-new condition, with reasonable prices for buyer and seller (most pieces top out at $50). The handbag selection, tacked precariously on the front wall, is one of the best in town, and the Manolo-dotted shoe selection is one of the more modestly priced. There, now—flush with cash, you can start saving for next year’s sparkles.