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Best Corporate-Sponsored Beach


We already thought the Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City was cool—who doesn’t love an excuse to lounge with a cocktail under the sun and feel like you actually made it out of the city for once, even if you didn’t? But let’s face it, Queens can be a schlep. So to further simplify New Yorkers’ imaginary tropical non-escape, the overachieving ferry company Water Taxi painted its yellow and black insignia on another few piles of imported sand this summer. In addition to the LIC campus, South Street Seaport and Governors Island were two new locales where the California-dreamin’ got to lay their beach towels down and ogle the bikini-clad while nibbling on soy dogs and watermelon and catching music acts like metal Bee Gees tribute band Tragedy and Erykah Badu. Jones Beach? Too far. Coney Island? Too dirty. Jersey Shore? Too Jersey. But give us a few cramped feet of fake beach sponsored by a corporation and probably laced with subliminal messages encouraging us to ride more ferries, and we are so there.