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Best Creepy Stroll


In the late 19th century, Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery rivaled Niagara Falls as a popular tourist attraction: Families arrived in throngs to enjoy picnics, carriage rides, and the multiple statuaries. These days, the graveyard is no longer such a fashionable destination, but it still offers plenty of wholesome activities—like lectures, trolley rides, Revolutionary War re-enactments—and at least one decidedly unwholesome one, a Moonlight Tour. Armed with a flashlight and the full moon’s brilliance, fearless trekkers can explore the tombstones and catacombs with local historian Jeff Richman. Those inclined to believe in ghosts should look out for the spirits of cemetery residents such as Boss Tweed, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Leonard Bernstein, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The skeptical can merely enjoy the frisson of nighttime skulking. Interested participants will have to sign a liability waiver form. That’s right: If the ghoulies get you, you won’t be able to sue.