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Best Fetish Party


Everyone loves bubble wrap. Some people just . . . love it. It’s no wonder that this was one of the most popular themes of a Fetish Retinue party in recent memory. The long-running (longest-running, according to promoter and latex fashion designer the Baroness) monthly East Village party shakes up the concept of a fetish club every first Thursday by honoring specific things—you know, feet, corsets, lab coats, infantilism, balloons. In tandem with all the themes is a fashion fetish, part of what sets this party apart from other erotic events. Dressing the part is essential (or being in all black, if that’s what you can handle); beyond that, anyone is invited to mingle in the front or play in the back. Performances also work the theme: On a medical night, someone might cut off a leg; on electrical night, folks might plug themselves in. It’s all actually quite innocent, and there’s usually no BDSM (unless that’s the theme of the night)—the difference being that fetishes may be experienced solo, and pain-free. “People think that if they go to a fetish club, they’ll be sold into white slavery,” says the Baroness, who has been hosting Fetish Retinue for close to 10 years. “But it’s really just a safe space to do dangerous things.”