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Best Gay Hipster Rock Party


The bears have Chelsea, the twinks have Hell’s Kitchen, the dykes have Park Slope, and the hipster queers have Williamsburg . . . and the Lower East Side? Amid scantily clad, possibly roofied blondes and their former-frat-boy boyfriends, a gaggle of tight-pantsed (or no-pantsed) indie- and punk-loving queers make their mark once a month on the increasingly vapid nightlife scene on the LES. In 2007, promoter Sir Loins, DJ Go-Karff, and bass player A.Martini started QxBxRx (Queers, Beers & Rears), a weekly queerpunk party in Williamsburg, which quickly traversed the East River and became a monthly fixture at DIY rock club Cake Shop. Since then, it’s grown to attract crowds of up to 300 a night, as well as local and touring bands from all over the world, including icons like Michael T., Theo, Miss Guy, Donita Sparks, and Pansy Division. “When we began, it was really in response to our boredom with nightlife, and lack of queers with radical politics, non-mainstream ‘gay’ interests,” says Sir Loins. “This was something totally opposite of what NYC sadly had to offer as far as gay nightlife goes.” Two and a half years later, gay nightlife in New York is not as maligned as it once was. Its resurgence is due partially to the marriage—excuse us, domestic partnership—of segments of the community and their interests, like that found at QxBxRx. That’s not to say that twinks don’t make their way downtown, but QxBxRx is no party for twinkies—taking place in a pseudo-bakery, cupcakes are for sale on the ground floor. And, though skinny, a few of the boys actually eat them. We’ve seen it. One Saturday per month