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It’s difficult to make a statistical case for an offensive lineman, but every yardstick points to right guard Chris Snee as the best at perhaps pro football’s toughest position (almost certainly the one that takes the most intelligence to play). Snee, a Boston College grad, was the Giants only first-team All-Pro selection, and he was the linchpin of the most versatile blocking unit in the NFL: The Giants were first in their conference in yards rushing per game, and tied for fifth in fewest sacks allowed on their quarterback. He’s also the most alert of the Giants offensive lineman, having recovered five of his own team’s fumbles in his five seasons with New York. At 27, he is just about to reach his peak, and, considering the scarcity of great players at his position, it appears as if Snee will be more important to the Giants over the next few seasons than even Eli Manning.