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Best Jewelry for the It-Girl in Your Life


Maybe it’s the way she rocks out at the Shank or knows how to put together an amazing outfit from the Salvation Army, but there’s just something about your girl that tells you Tiffany & Co. wouldn’t impress her much. So, what would? Anything from Catbird, a teeny Bedford Avenue boutique that specializes in local jewelry designers with styles that are just as quirky and cool as she is. Would Tiffany & Co. offer such fun pieces as a hand-tarnished bronze Inspector Clouseau mustache necklace by Digby and Iona? Or a 14-karat gold matchbook on a chain by OathNYC? Or shiny interlocking-vampire-teeth rings by Bittersweets New York? The jewelry comes in a range of prices for every stage of your relationship, from “I think you’re awesome” (Nikki B.’s assorted beaded bracelets, four for $30) to “We’re totally in love” (Iwona Ludyga’s diamond spider studs, $430). Or you can create your own personalized gift—engrave a delicate bracelet with an inside joke or put together a charm necklace. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong here.