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Best Make-Out Spot


What’s in a kiss? Location, location, location! A wonderful thing about living in New York is the magical quality that kisses take on with the cinematic city backdrop. But for the best setting for smooching, look beyond the landmarks in every tourist guide: For our money, no really good macking is going to happen above 14th Street! Here’s our suggestion: Start out with a dinner date and then a nice stroll through the cross-cultural meccas of Soho, Little Italy, and Chinatown. After you’ve waded through the din of tourist-choked streets, make a turn onto the curvy and short slice of heaven that is Doyers Street. The lovers’ lane, prohibited to vehicles, lurks between Pell Street and the end of Division Street. One draw on Doyers Street is Apothéke (a trendy bar), but the main attraction is the intimate, movie-set-like feel, straight from the pages of Lonely Planet, Singapore Edition. The romance is palpable and will soon have you engaging in long looks, an arm around a waist, and a meeting of lips that transports you to a world all your own. Between Pell Street and the end of Division Street