Best Of

Best Mini-Golf in Bushwick


Scratch that—it was definitely the only mini-golf in Bushwick, but it’s the best thing to have happened to an empty lot this year. This summer, the collective of artists behind the Putting Lot turned a desolate stretch of Wyckoff into a full-fledged sculptural installation and game site. For just $5, golfers had access to nine individually designed holes—each made with reclaimed items (a/k/a stuff from the Dumpster) and portraying the theme of urban sustainability. But as quickly as this bit of fun and beauty came into the lives of those pioneers who have settled East of Williamsburg, it was just as soon gone by the end of summer. The point of its transience was, according to the creators, that individuals can “intervene in the life cycles of vacant space in the city’s urban fabric”—or could it just be that no one would be caught dead in a Bushwick lot once it starts getting dark at 4?