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Best Movers for Less


Here’s a typical moving day experience: You’ve been up all night packing boxes for the movers, carefully labeling them “FRAGILE,” only to have a few gruff men throw them around with gleeful abandon and then charge you a couple hundred dollars extra in hidden fees—which, of course, you give them because you’re too tired to fight and, frankly, a little too scared to argue with someone three times your size. Well, consider those days over. When a friend told us that Park Slope Movers actually charged her less than the already reasonably low price that they quoted her over the phone for her one-bedroom apartment, we couldn’t believe our ears. Indeed, Igor and Karla Mironov’s company has earned itself a stellar reputation over the 13 years they’ve been in business for fast, excellent service—punctual moving men who disassemble and reassemble hard-to-move pieces of furniture, wrap it up nicely, and place it where you want it to go. Prices vary—though, to give you an idea, moving a one-bedroom apartment from Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn to the Upper West Side starts at around $265 (depending on how many flights of stairs there are, of course).