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Best New Antiques Shop


With everyone talking about getting back to basics, antiques shop Kill Devil Hill in Greenpoint is the place to start. Opened in 2008 by Mark Straiton and Mary Brockman (a young, stylish duo who look like they just stepped out of a 1930s movie), this gem of a shop specializes in antiques that are more functional than decorative, like old-timey washboards (think of all the quarters you’ll save!), canteens (no more buying Poland Springs!), and flint rocks (turn off your heat!). They also feature a rotating selection of American frontier-themed treasures—taxidermy, scorpion belt buckles, calf skulls, cowboy hats, and antlers (for $10 a pound)—found on their road trips to cities like Buffalo and Detroit. On a recent visit, we were taken with their small collection of naughty vintage vinyl, which included titles like Sexarama and Strip Along With Us. (“Those are more about the covers than the music,” Brockman laughed.) The shop, which is divided into two rooms, carries retro furniture and rarities (ever seen a water pitcher made out of a World War I bombshell?) in the front of the store, and a mix of vintage dresses, kimonos, work shirts, cowboy boots, and jeans (they also do denim repairs for $5 to $10) in the back. And, just like an old-fashioned general store, their selection of 10-cent candy can’t be beat. We dare you to try leaving empty-handed.