Best of NYC 2009: M. Wartella’s Devastatingly Perfect Pool Party Illustration, Starring Vivian Girls, Terry Richardson, Darren Mabee, and More




CMJ isn’t the only avalanche this week. It’s also the Voice‘s Best of NYC issue, when we bestow imaginary awards like Best Rapper Twitter Feed, Best Radio DJ, Best Rock Club, Best Guitar-Shredder, Best Music Critic (ahem). If you pick up the print issue, across from Rob’s essay about Brooklyn music/bands/future book titles, is a lovingly detailed illustration of a Jelly NYC Williamsburg Pool Party scene. The drawing comes courtesy of M. Wartella and features cameos from a Coconut Sipper, a Cut-Off Trustfunder, Darren Mabee, Terry Richardson, the World’s Fastest Nudist, and a Club Animal. A bigger version is here. Look closely, you just might see yourself.