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Game consoles like Xbox, Wii, and Playstation have become such entertainment juggernauts that they’ve rivaled music and movies for years now, but don’t count out the lo-fi game market: Starting out in 1975, board game haven The Compleat Strategist has branched out into three stores, with Gotham as its home base. Featuring some 1,200 game titles, the store caters mostly to males who need their Dungeons & Dragons fix, or historical/military re-creation, or vampire and zombie adventure, or Tarot card deck (the latter customers are mostly female). The store also features a back room and downstairs area for tournaments. And, as you’d imagine, the hardcore customers do have their own costumes that they sometimes show up in—fantasy garb (wizards, elves), kilted Scottish warriors, Watchmen characters, and ring-armored medieval warriors. The staff doesn’t dress up, though, maybe being a little self-conscious in comparison.