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Best Place to Watch Straight Men Get All Homoerotic


The legions of black-T-shirt-, black-jeans-clad wrestling fans in this world might take offense to what we’re about to say, but here goes: Wrestling is gay. That’s not an epithet (like we’d ever . . . ). It just is, literally, gay. When a man in ball-outlining shiny undies wraps his crotch around another man’s head, flexes his muscles, and grunts, the activity has more to do with porn than sports. It’s hard to believe how straight the audience can be, but there you have it. World Wrestling Entertainment is that giant conglomerate you probably caught on TV at one time or another, but for even better theatrics in a more up-close-and-personal setting, try to scout out one of Ring of Honor‘s New York dates. Usually playing the intimate Manhattan Center, this indie league hosts a variety of highly toned men basically taking part in stage combat—or auditioning for a Michael Lucas film, we’re not sure. If the gay community ever catches wind, wrestling is going to be as popular with the homos as the WNBA.