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Best Response to the Question, ‘What’s for Dinner, Honey?’


Dick Chicken is a chicken. With a penis. For a head. The concept of an anonymous tagger and joker who goes by the cutesy pseudonym Richard Poultry, Dick Chicken is plastered on every conceivable Brooklyn public surface north of the Williamsburg Bridge. Sometimes, his full name is scrawled in the comically defiant all-caps script of someone who has taken a junior high dick joke and, quite literally, run with it; other times, Mr. Chicken shows up stenciled as a pornographic rotisserie bird, with a conversation bubble that burps random insults like, “NICE SANDALS, DOUCHE!” More recently, Dick Chicken has appeared on walls, construction sites, and lampposts as the spokesman for his own fake-product line, a brand that includes pizza (box tagline: “Thank you, come again!”) and McNuglets (chicken nuggets in mini-schlong shapes). We’ve also seen a profane spoof on the Sherwin Williams paint logo with our tumescent antihero covering the earth as only a dick knows how. Dick Chicken also, it should be noted, has a devoted girlfriend, Pussy Ham, who is, naturally, a honey-glazed ham. With vaginal lips. They make the cutest couple.