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Best Sports Figure on Twitter


Even those who have dedicated their lives to loathing the Yankees (ahem) occasionally find a dude on the roster to grudgingly tolerate, even admire, even (gasp!) root for, like, hmm, let’s see, uh . . . well, at least they’ve got one now. Nick Swisher just seems a bit more volatile, excitable, rambunctious, and human than his pinstriped brethren—even his errors have a certain joie de vivre. His generously updated Twitter feed, @nickswisher, has a simple, earnest, familiar warmth to it—wins are “great” or “awesome,” losses invariably “tough”—and a kindness and benevolence not generally overflowing from the Bronx. He shouts out his dad on Father’s Day, solicits suggestions for new at-bat music (pick Prince’s “Kiss”!), and offers occasional injury reports (“My arm is killing me! Hahahahaha”). Anyone who Tweets “I love you, Mom!” can’t be all bad—and for a Yankee, that’s enough.