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Best Vintage Eyewear


You’ll almost feel overwhelmed when you step inside the vintage eyewear boutique Fabulous Fanny’s, which is stuffed with hundreds of one-of-a-kind glasses and shades. It’s easy to lose an hour or two in this tiny shop, where all the frames, except a select expensive and antique few (some date back to the 19th century), are stacked on racks and in drawers so you can try them on yourself—an exciting bonus for those of us who hate having to ask the shop clerk to fetch pairs from locked cabinets (“No, no, I want the pair to the right. The right!”). The selection is well-organized and divided by type (cat-eye, oval, square, oversize, readers, etc.), and each pair is labeled with the year they were made, the brand, the country, and the price—you’ll be shocked by how many are under $100. Sunglasses include everything from 1970s Christian Dior to sweet Porsche Carrera aviators. The staff is helpful and relaxed and won’t give you dirty looks if you spend hours looking without buying—probably because they’re confident you’ll be back.