Bow Down to Michael Buble, America


Crazy Love is still very much #1 in the country. But The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack–a goofy melange of what’s warm in indie right now, e.g. Lykke Li, Grizzly Bear, Thom Yorke, etc.–sold 115,000 copies, good for #2. Those bands selling that many records would be stunning if this were not the soundtrack to the most popular thing ever, Twilight. (The release was even rushed into stores last Friday, after it leaked, which begs the question–is this the first high-profile movie soundtrack leak in history? If so, does that mean anything? So confusing.) The rest of the top 5: Jay-Z, Barbra Streisand, Miley Cyrus. And the Flaming Lips nabbed their highest chart position ever, debuting at 8, with 32,000 Embryonic copies sold. Whatever this is, it isn’t monoculture. Congrats, indie-rock! [Billboard]