Check Out the Food Stuff in the Voice’s Best Of 2009


If you can’t wait to get home, spread the paper on the top of a red Voice box.

This week, instead of our usual critiques, Sarah and I penned our yearly Best Ofs, which constitute heartfelt opinions of the city’s finest viands. Working in tandem, we made the usual claims about such perennial faves as Best Hot Dogs, Best Pastrami, and Best Mac-and-Cheese, but we also highlighted contemporary obsessions like Best Pig Ears, Best Penis Pho, and Best Newfangled Franks.

You can read our choices (and call us out on them if you don’t agree) here, but why not pick up a print copy of the paper for a change? In it you can scan Mike Wartella’s page-size comic set in the Union Square Farmers Market, handily lampooning our locavoric obsessions. Another reason to pick up the paper is a new section in which Sarah and I held a Best Restaurant Smackdown, wherein, using IM technology, we argued over the best restaurant in several categories as we wandered around town. Ironically, it reads much better in print.

And, in the print edition, you can use the pages to wrap fish when you’re done reading. Now, that’s recycling.