Crazy Yankee Chick: Some ALCS Doo-Wop


Here we go. Game 5 of the ALCS against our Achilles heel, the one team that has historically owned us in the postseason.

The Yankees are up 3 games to 1 against the Anaheim Angels, and if 2004 had never happened, I’d be the proud owner of a restful mind and normal heart rate. Instead, I’m still on edge, and when I’m nervous, I do laundry, pace, and change song lyrics to make them topical.

(None of these practices, by the way, has ever been successful in reducing tension.)

Hurt Angels, hurt Angels,
Will you beat them?
My darling Yankees,
Who tee off on their pen,
I’m just a fan,
A fan who loves Yankees.

Hurt Angels, hurt Angels,
The team we abhor,
You’ve beat us forever, and ever more,
But not this year,
You’ll be the ones out the door…

I root for you, and I knew,
The value of the Tex and CC trades,
I hoped and I pray that next month,
I’ll see you riding in the World Series parade.

Oh oh oh oh oh OH!

Hurt Angels, hurt Angels,
Beat L.A.,
My darling Yankees,
Will take it all the way,
Angels are fools,
For thinking they’d top youuu.

I watch you play, and I say,
“They’re something like the early dynasty,”
The bats and the arms of this club,
Are out to prove their superiority.

Oh oh oh oh oh OH!

Hurt Angels, hurt Angels,
Win in five,
My darling Yankees,
You’ve almost arrived,
I’m just a fan,
A fan in love with Yankees.

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