Crazy Yankee Chick: Umpires Tainting Yankees’ Success


At least third base umpire Tim McClellan had a perfectly valid excuse for his supreme idiocy last night:


As far as the two calls that I had at third base. The first one with Swisher leaving too soon. In my heart I thought he left too soon. On the play with Cano and Posada, I thought Cano was on the base. I was waiting for two players to be on the base, and when there was never the situation where both of them were on the base at the same time. When he tagged Cano, I thought Cano was on the base, and when Jorge touched the base and continued and tagged Posada out, I thought Posada was out.


Well, that’s understandable. You always want the postseason officiating to be governed by things like heartfelt instincts and baseless predictions.

Maybe the homeplate ump should just exchange his ball-strike counter with a magic 8 ball?

It’s wildly detrimental for an endless stock of reasons, and while I don’t believe any one call has altered the outcome of the game, the inconsistency is going to alter the way the sports world perceives the game’s integrity.

A-Rod is not on steroids anymore.

16 of the 25 man roster is homegrown.

Once shaky postseasoners are shedding their choke in favor of clutch.

The Yankees are being compared to their 1990s dynasty predecessors.

Mo isn’t, in fact, throwing a spitter.

But the abysmal officiating that’s punctuated the playoffs since day 1 is going to give critics their ace in the hole.

Of course. THAT’s why the Yanks have been winning! Because they’ve paid off the umps! Or there’s some kind of Black Sox scandal going on, commissioned by The Powers That Be who want nothing more than a Yankee World Series. It’s good for the economy, so the ends justify the means.

Damn Yankees. Cheated their way through yet again.

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