FDA Questions How Smart ‘Smart Choices’ Is; Matchboxes Make a Comeback


Salman Rushdie is, allegedly, still obsessed with ex-wife, Padma Lakshmi, according to his ex-girlfriend, actress Pia Glenn. She said he could talk about the Top Chef host “day and night.”
[NY Post]

Mill Basin Kosher Deli is celebrating its 36th year in business with discounts through the end of the month. One of the few kosher delicatessens left in Brooklyn, it’s making a big deal about 36 because, in Judaism, multiples of 18 are good luck.
[NY Daily News]

The FDA has announced it will start cracking down on logos and symbols on food packages that mislead consumers about the nutritional value of products. The much debated “Smart Choices” label, for example, will be called into question.
[Wall Street Journal]

Target is being accused of selling soy milk as organic that really wasn’t organic. Newspaper ads for Silk soymilk included the term “organic” on the carton’s label, but the brand has ditched organic soybeans in favor of less-expensive “natural” soybeans.

People may be smoking less, but the restaurant industry is seeing a resurgence in the popularity of matchboxes. Free matches, especially the retro-style boxes, provide a cost-effective and sexy advertising vehicle.
[NY Times]