Best Of

Most Stylish Yet Reasonable Furniture


That sprawling Salvation Army on 46th and Eleventh has scads of discarded furniture, but it’s hit or miss, with usable furnishings no easier to find than a cab (or minivan) to get you home. Stick to the Housing Works–operated Gramercy Thrift Shop, where most of the pieces reek of some sort of class, but are hardly overpriced—from perfectly reasonable loveseats to dining tables to rocking chairs to wall hangings. You could easily furnish your entire apartment here for under a thou—and that may include a painting, a couple of books to read in the bathroom, and a perfectly nice outfit to wear when you emerge. Occasionally, there’ll even be a piece that doesn’t have a price tag on it, and that becomes a welcome chance to hone the bargaining skills you practice every week at the flea market. Tough ’em down!