Reagan One-Man Show in the Works


For all you conservatives out there who think all artists hate you, here’s good news: a one-man play about Ronald Reagan is in development. Originally attached to reliably rightwing writer Lionel Chetwynd, the play will now be scripted by David Rambo, a producer on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and author of The Lady With All the Answers, a one-hander about Ann Landers currently running Off-Broadway and starring Judith Ivey. Don’t worry about liberal sabotage, though, as producers plan to enlist the consultation of the Reagan family on the project. They expect to film the performance for theatrical release, and then who knows? Perhaps the Gipper on Broadway! They also say they’re talking to a “major actor” about starring. James Brolin? Gary Sinise? Please, please let it be Alec Baldwin! Peter Hunt (1776, Give ‘Em Hell, Harry!) will direct.