Suspiciously Jersey-ish Guys Compete for “Vinny” at New York-New York Casino


The New York-New York Casino in Vegas is holding a competition between two guys, Vinny Red and Vinny Blue, one of whom will be chosen to serve as the casino’s official Vinny, an “ambassador of fun” and “representative to interact with guests for information about the hotel.” They unleashed this at a press conference yesterday, and as you can see from the video, both Vinnies seem a little more North Caldwell, New Jersey than New York, New York, though the hot dog eating contest was probably meant to conjure images of Coney Island. Perhaps casino management, like Virginia Republicans, believe nothing says “New York” like a goombah. We think NY-NY missed a chance here; why not have one of the mooks go toe-to-toe with a young art director in skinny jeans and fashionable glasses? The sponsors encourage you to visit the Vinny Facebook page, and to vote for your favorite Vinny at the casino’s web site.