‘This Is Why You’re Fat’ Authors Want to Fatten You Up


A copy of This Is Why You’re Fat, which is scheduled to hit book shelves next Tuesday, recently landed at FiTR HQ. It’s pretty much what anyone who followed its original blog incarnation would expect: gross photos of food that will kill you, plus recipes for the masochistically inclined. In a fit of either munificence or reckless disregard for their readers’s LDL cholesterol levels, the book’s/blog’s creators have announced that they’re celebrating their publication week with a scavenger hunt next Thursday, the 29th. The hunt will require participants to hit six food trucks that are serving items inspired by the book: The first person to Twit pics of themselves consuming all six foods wins. The prize, should the winner actually live to enjoy it, is a food cart party catered by the winner’s choice, as well as a bunch of swag and, presumably, a Lipitor prescription. More information can be found at TiWYF’s Twitter page, natch.

[Via Midtown Lunch]