Your “Best of NYC” Choices


Today brings the Voice‘s fabled “Best of NYC” issue, with all the paper’s brilliant writers–and myself–chiming in on our favorite bars, personalities, souvlaki, and toilets.

Assuming you live here–or at least drop by on occasion to pump up our economy–what are YOUR “best of NYC” choices?

This is your chance to mouth off, give something a plug, and feel like a big-time journalist or something. And if you already participated in our readers’ poll, it’s your chance to do it again!

Is there a restaurant you can safely leave without feeling all violated and nauseous?

A club where the door help is friendly and the bartender tells you when to stop guzzling?

Do you know of an ecologically sound dry cleaner, an unpretentious chess store, a sophisticated lingerie shop, an underappreciated museum, or a deli that still charges 75 cents for coffee?

And if so, why the fuck didn’t you tell me before???