Best Way to Get Wrestling Fans Homicidally Pissed Off


We’ve been getting some nice responses on our wonderful Best Of NYC 2009 issue, but being perverse like we are, we especially enjoy the cranks.

In “Best Place to Watch Straight Men Get All Homoerotic” entry, one of our writers puckishly decribes the hyper-macho Ring of Honor wrestling event as “literally, gay. When a man in ball-outlining shiny undies wraps his crotch around another man’s head, flexes his muscles, and grunts, the activity has more to do with porn than sports.”

Word got around wrestling circles, and several irate People of the Mat have offered to go all Gorgeous George on us. First comment, from the THE BUTCHER: “So help me God, If I ever find out who wrote this, I will fucking kill you. Not just kill, I will torture you until you beg for death.” Another: “What’s gay about somebody getting their head kicked in?” Go read ’em; they’re all contenders.