Criminal Accessory in Steve Phillips Case Tells Her Proud Story in the Post


The Post brings us today a new revelation in the the case of ESPN analyst Steve Phillips’ inamorata, whom they have unchivalrously taken to calling the “tubby temptress.” They have found the woman whom Brooke Hundley allegedly hired to harass Phillips’ wife by phone. Courtney Arp, a waitress from Bristol, Connecticut, says Hundley didn’t want to make the calls herself “because she said her ‘friend’ would recognize her voice and wouldn’t take her seriously.”

Arp easily admits to answering Hundley’s Craigslist ad and making the disturbing calls, and poses for a photograph. Only when she learns she has been assisting the criminal harassment of a celebrity’s family does she hold her hand to her mouth and gasp, “Oh, my gosh!”

We may assume the Post gives Arp gentle treatment because she is helping them sell papers, and is not overweight.