If Queen Latifah Married Samantha Bee…


…she’d be Queen Bee!

Yes, it’s time for THAT fun little parlor game again, the one where you marry off two celebs that would make for a felicitously wacky new name.

And so–with respects to my colleague Cindy Adams, who’s perfected this sort of thing:

*If Penny Marshall married Nathan Lane, she’d be Penny Lane.

*If Joan Crawford married Franchot Tone–and she did–she’d be Joan Tone.

*If Montego Glover (from the Broadway show Memphis) married Michael Bay, she’d be Montego Bay.

*If Barbara Broccoil married David Rabe, she’d be Barbara Broccoli Rabe.

*And if Carol Channing married Channing Tatum and then divorced him and married Tatum O’Neal, she’d be Carol Channing Tatum O’Neal.

Any others?