Lil Wayne Pleads Guilty, Expected to Serve 1 Year in Prison


Some people were wondering if rapper Lil Wayne would attempt to block DNA evidence in his weapons possession trial. The point is moot now as Lil Wayne has pleaded out and is expected to be sent to prison for a year. He copped to the remaining charge, second-degree attempted weapon possession, the Manhattan D.A.’s office announced today.

New York, under which jurisdiction Lil Wayne fell when officers pulled his tour bus over in Columbus Circle in July on suspicion of weed and found the gun, has very tough gun laws even for celebrities, as Plaxico Burress learned earlier this year.

The star, famous for Tha Carter and its various updates, still faces felony drug and weapons charges in Arizona, where he is expected to stand trial in March, and to which he has pleaded not guilty. Image (cc) RJ Shaughnessy.